Knee Active Plus

How was it created?

Band Knee Active Plus was developed by a group of scientists specializing in the study of diseases of the osteoarticular system. At the base of long-term observations and clinical tests, they developed a special magnetic STRUCTURES, stiffening Noge and relieving Rzepka while working Stawowa. In this way, the products accelerate regeneration of the Pond-muscle and improves its efficiency.

For whom?

Active Knee Plus it Auxiliary in the treatment of injury, Rehabilitation fractures, strains pond and knee meniscus damage. It is also recommended to athletes and all those who depend on the strengthening of the bone - joint after surgery.

How it works?

The band is made of soft, flexible materials, which does not restrict movement, and provides air flow. Ten magnets, placed in a covered and Means special FABRIC, allows you to maintain optimum temperature of Cialis. Induced heat thus generated facilitates the work of blood vessels at the Circle contributes to the reduction of inflammatory state, accelerates regeneration and improves work MIESNE. Plus Active Knee braces knee tendons, stabilizes and maintains Rzepka Influence and Praça correct Pond, reducing the risk of further injury.
The special design of the regeneration process runs very smoothly: the pain subsides shortly after the founding of the band, and after 2 weeks joints are strong and healthy! These results confirmed by independent quality tests and opinions of satisfied customers from all over the world.


  • One size fits all

    With elastic strap with Velcro band easily adapts to the body. It can be worn on the right or left knee and worn during the day and at night.

  • Instant action

    Plus Active Knee braces knee joint after the assumption immediately relieving pain. The regeneration process begins immediately, and the first results are visible after a few hours!

  • Full security

    The band underwent a series of tests and was subjected to extensive testing, which are confirmed by quality certificate.